Timothy Evans

A little background information about me is provided here.

I wrote the first Alpha version of gesecraif for my own use and in the hope that it may be useful to others. I put together the first versions of the documentation and the Web site in 2014.

I am not a professional programmer; I have always worked as a Systems Administrator. I was taught some elementary programming in 1981/2 in Algol W while studying Physics at College. This was followed by a very brief Summer conversion course to UCSD Pacal . Later at College, I was taught some simple FORTRAN IV . And of course during the eighties I picked up a little self taught BASIC.

Working as a Systems Administrator, naturally, I have worked with a variety of shell and scripting languages to assist with automating administration tasks; my work has never entailed the development of software.

I have taught myself a little C / C++ and the writing of gsecraif has been a learning exercise for me.

All contributions and suggestions for improvement will be most appreciated.